20 Most Popular Top Turkish Dishes to Try This Year

Turkey is famous for its cuisine. Are you wondering about the top turkish dishes that you try? In this blog, you will find the list of the most loved dishes of turkey that will surprise your taste buds.


Lahmacun is similar to pizza, topped with minced meat, vegetable salads, and lemon juice on thin bread. It also contains slices of tomatoes, and onion sprinkled with sumac powder. Additionally, it is a popular on-the-go dish, served with tahini sauce. Therefore, this dish is famous all around the world and enjoyed with lemon sprinkled on top.

Sis Kabab

Seek kabab originated in Turkey. Chefs prepare this dish with lamb, chicken, or fish and serve it on a wooden rod. Spiced meat in sis kabab is flavored by chefs with all the herbs and spices, along with the paste of garlic, ginger, chilies, and vinegar. However, kebabs are enjoyed with yogurt and other sweet and sour sauces. You can try this dish almost everywhere in Turkey because this dish is so common and most enjoyed.


Do you want to taste how turkish like to eat eggs, menemen is the answer. This is a quick breakfast dish that has scrambled eggs cooked in vegetables. Also, this scrambled egg has onions, pepper, oregano, and paprika. Therefore, these ingredients bring flavor to this dish. You can enjoy this dish with flatbread and olives on top.

Doner kabab

If you enjoy sandwiches and subs, you are going to love doner. These doner kebabs have slow-cooked chicken with onion, tomatoes, cucumbers, and garlic yogurt. Additionally, people enjoy the doner with hummus and traditional turkey dips. The turkey that is added to the donor is cooked in a vertical rotisserie and is full of flavors.  This fast food is famous as turkish fast food that is enjoyed all around the world.

Islender Kabab

Islender kebabs are long strips of chicken cooked in tomato sauce and served over rice and flatbread. It would be unfair if this dish would not be added to the list of top turkish dishes. It is made from the stripped doner meat that has spicy tomato sauce and melted butter on top of it.

Kuzu Tandir

This dish is made with well-cooked lamb served with sauces and sauteed vegetables. Also,  this dish is enjoyed in Greece, Afghanistan India, and Pakistan. If you ever go out for dinner, try this dish for the best dining experience.


The dish is the best appetizer in turkish cuisine. If you visit a turkish restaurant, you will be served this dish as an appetizer. This dish is so tasty and light for the stomach. Therefore you can eat more than one dish without thinking much.

Yaprak Sarma

This is a traditional food in Turkey that is filled with so many flavors. Vine leaves are filled with rice, onions, pepper, tomatoes, chilies, cinnamon and mint. Then it is steamed and enjoyed with sauces. This dish takes a lot of time to prepare, but it’s worth trying.


This dish has dried eggplant or fresh vegetables, pepper, tomatoes, rice, and onions stuffed before cooking in butter and water. This popular dish is found in regions beyond Turkey. In addition, this dish is served at room temperature.

Imam Bayildi

This dish is made with stuffed tomatoes, onion, and garlic mixture, served with rice, bulgar, and other veggies. This is baked in the oven and served with pilaf. However, the name of this dish has funny anecdotes that will spice up the dish for you.


Borek is a flaky puff that is filled with minced meat spinach or cheese. This can be layered in lasagna, served as a puff, or rolled. In addition, this pastry is baked in a pan or small pastries. These pastries are sprinkled with sesame seeds which gives it a nutty flavour. This dish has a huge spot in the desserts of turkish cuisine.


Kumpir is one of the most famous street foods in Turkey. It is a potato jacket that is soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. Kumpir is filled with cheese, pickles, sausages, and Russian salad. This street food is a must-try street food for everyone.


Sumit is a round and hollow bun that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. This street food is enjoyed mostly for breakfast. Also, this is eaten with turkish tea, coffee, or hot chocolate.


This turkish street food has a filling of slow-cooked chicken, beef, or lamb, with cooked vegetables, corn, and other sauces. These fillings are wrapped in a flatbread that is used to make doors or other dishes.

Mozzaik Pasta

This dessert is available in almost all the restaurants. This fancy cake is just chocolate with broken biscuits in the shape of the cake. Mozzaik Pasta is served with turkish tea and coffee. In addition, it is also made in homes by mothers who cook it for their children.

Turkish Tea

Turkish teas are flavorful and aromatic tea. It has a very rich tea leaves flavor and a beautiful deep red color. Turkish teas are served with dates, olives, biscuits, and turkish delights. It is also enjoyed at snack time, bedtime, and early morning.  These teas are steamed in teapots and served in small glasses. Turkish tea is famous all around the world.

Mercimek Koftesi

You must have tried meatballs, but have you ever tasted vegetable balls? Merimek Koftesi is a vegetarian dish that has vegetable, lentils, and bulgur in it. They are finely chopped and mined and shaped as balls. These balls are fried and enjoyed with sauces. It is mostly served as an appetizer. This dish is served as an appetizer in many turkish restaurants.


Italians have meatballs but Turks have their koftes, which they serve in different dishes. Koftes are chicken-based meatballs that are cooked with ground beef or lamb. It is sold in wraps, shawarmas, pizzas, and rice. They can also be enjoyed with stews, in sandwiches, salads, and plain yogurt.


This dish has boiled or fried beef and lamb dumplings that are topped with various range of spices. The spicy meat filling inside the dumpling will please your taste buds. You can try this turkish dish in any turkish restaurant.


Corba is a turkish soup that is made with lentils and tomatoes. This soup is quite famous in Turkey. Turkish also enjoy sheep brain and tongue soup along with corba. In winter, they enjoy this soup with plain flatbread and pide.


Pilav is a dish which is made of plain rice cooked in water or butter. However, pilav is a noodle that is cooked with eggplant, meat, chickpea, or liver slices with pepper, thyme, almonds, and cumin. In India, we eat pulao, but in Turkey, they name it pilav. This dish is famous in Turkey and is mostly enjoyed with yogurt.

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