ATV IPTV Reviews: Where Live Sports, Movies, and Streaming Converge

In the era of digital entertainment, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) has risen as a prominent streaming service, offering a diverse array of content for viewers. Among the leading players in the IPTV landscape, ATV IPTV stands out by seamlessly merging live sports, movies, and streaming into a single, comprehensive entertainment platform. This article delves into the world of ATV IPTV, highlighting its unique features and the benefits of choosing it as your go-to source of entertainment.


ATV IPTV is a premier IPTV service provider that stands out for its unique fusion of live sports, movies, and streaming content. With over 1300 live channels, including a remarkable selection of 280+ premium sports channels, it caters to sports enthusiasts and entertainment seekers alike. Offering a diverse range of content, including 3000+ Video On Demand (VOD) options spanning TV shows, movies, and more, ATV IPTV ensures there’s always something captivating to watch.

What sets ATV IPTV apart is its inclusive approach to pay-per-view events, offering them without additional charges. This, coupled with an extensive array of channels from different countries, advanced features like an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and Catch-Up, and the convenience of recording capabilities, makes ATV IPTV a comprehensive and user-friendly choice for those seeking a truly immersive entertainment experience.

For those who want to experience the magic of ATV IPTV, the service offers an IPTV free trial. This trial period allows users to explore the premium sports events and live television options, among other features, without any upfront commitment. It’s an excellent way to test the service’s offerings before making a decision.

ATV IPTV’s Unmatched Live Sports Offerings

ATV IPTV boasts an extensive selection of over 1300 live television channels, featuring an extraordinary compilation of more than 280 premium sports channels. With ATV, you can indulge in live sports broadcasts that span across an impressive spectrum, covering everything from football, boxing, mixed martial arts, golf, baseball, tennis, hockey, rugby, and motorsports, to various international sporting leagues and associations.

Moreover, ATV also offers a range of dedicated sports channels that provide in-depth coverage and commentary on specific sports events. This thematic presentation allows sports enthusiasts to gain a deeper understanding of their favorite sports, enhancing their viewing experience.

Popular Sports Events and Leagues

To provide a glimpse of the comprehensive sports coverage offered by ATV IPTV, let’s delve into some of the most prominent sports events and leagues featured:

FIFA World Cup

ATV IPTV offers extensive global coverage of live football, encompassing major leagues, the Champions League, and the World Cup. The service includes detailed analyses, player interviews, and replays of memorable matches.

NBA Action

Stay up-to-date with the National Basketball Association (NBA), including the playoffs and the much-anticipated All-Star Game.

Grand Slam Tennis

Experience the Grand Slam tournaments, featuring the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon Championships, and the US Open.

Golf Championships

Enjoy live coverage and insights into top golf tournaments, including the Masters and other prestigious events.

Rugby Extravaganza

Dive into the world of the American Football League (NFL) and international rugby matches, complete with match predictions, team updates, and exciting replays.

Motorsport Spectacle

Immerse yourself in the high-speed world of motor racing, featuring Formula 1 (F1), rally events, motorcycle Grand Prix, and more.

Combat Sports Showcase

From boxing to mixed martial arts, explore thrilling live combat sports events, including player interviews, commentary, and classic match retrospectives.

Exploring ATV IPTV’s Movie Collection

ATV IPTV not only delivers the latest movies, TV shows, and programs but also comes equipped with subtitles in various languages. One of ATV’s standout advantages in the world of IPTV is its multilingual functionality, which includes languages like English, German, Greek, French, and more. This feature proves especially valuable in our diverse and globalized world, enabling users from different language backgrounds to comfortably enjoy their preferred content in their language of choice. Whether you’re an English speaker, a French enthusiast, or someone fluent in another language, ATV caters to a wide range of linguistic preferences, ensuring a truly inclusive and enjoyable viewing experience for all.

To provide a glimpse into the cinematic treasures available on ATV IPTV, let’s explore some of the highlights:

Timeless Classics

Step back in time and revisit iconic films that have left an indelible mark on cinematic history. From timeless Hollywood classics to international masterpieces, ATV IPTV’s movie collection pays homage to the art of storytelling.

Latest Blockbusters

Stay up-to-date with the latest blockbuster releases from around the globe. Whether it’s the hottest action flick, a heartwarming drama, or a mind-bending thriller, ATV IPTV ensures you have access to the most recent cinematic creations.

Diverse Movie Categories

Choose from a wide array of movie categories to suit your mood. Whether you’re in the mood for heartwarming romance, adrenaline-pumping action, thought-provoking documentaries, or side-splitting comedies, ATV IPTV has it all.

Exclusive Movie Releases

Experience the thrill of exclusive movie releases available on ATV IPTV. Be among the first to watch highly anticipated films and immerse yourself in cinematic magic as it unfolds.

Other High-Quality Streaming Content

In addition to its extensive live sports coverage and premium movie selection, ATV IPTV offers a diverse array of other high-quality streaming content. For news enthusiasts, ATV provides access to top-notch news channels, ensuring you stay updated with the latest developments around the world. Families can also delight in a range of kid-friendly channels, delivering entertaining and educational content for children. Moreover, ATV IPTV caters to adult viewers with a selection of adult channels, providing a variety of content for mature audiences. Whether you’re seeking news updates, family-friendly programming, or adult entertainment, ATV offers a well-rounded streaming experience for viewers of all preferences.

It’s worth noting that ATV offers a wide variety of content updated frequently from over 26 countries worldwide, encompassing sports events, football, boxing, entertainment, movies, and more.

The Unique Advantages of ATV

ATV presents a selection of top-tier features, ensuring an exceptional viewing experience. Let’s delve into these premium functionalities that set it apart. Among these are the 7-day catch-up service, PVR recording capability, the convenient favorites (FAV) feature, an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) guide for easy navigation, and much more. To get a taste of these remarkable features, you can also take advantage of the 72-hour trial. Now, let’s explore each of these offerings in detail.

Catch-Up Functionality

The 7-day catch-up feature on ATV is a game-changer, especially when it comes to the significance of not missing out on your favorite shows. This remarkable advantage ensures that even if you’ve missed a particular program, you’re not left out in the cold. With a whole week’s worth of catch-up time, you can go back in time and view any content that you might have inadvertently overlooked.

TV Guide (EPG)

ATV IPTV offers three EPG formats to cater to different preferences. These include the Default EPG, known for its simplicity and familiarity; the Grid EPG, which provides a visual timeline of current and upcoming broadcasts; and the Classic EPG, resembling traditional TV guides with a linear display of schedule and channel information. With these diverse EPG styles, ATV IPTV enhances your viewing experience.

IPTV Recording (IPTV Cloud PVR)

If you come across scheduling conflicts while your favorite live channel is broadcasting, IPTV offers a convenient solution: cloud storage for future viewing. ATV Plus provides access to over 20 file storage options and a recording capacity of up to 40 hours. Keep in mind that the availability window for recorded content depends on the channel and program. To start recording, just select the content and mark it with the camera icon, and it will be saved for later viewing.

Add Favorites

Within the realm of the ATV IPTV experience, the Favorites feature stands out as a valuable tool for users. This functionality allows you to curate and organize your favorite channels and content categories according to your preferences, ensuring that you can easily access them in the future. Instead of getting lost in the sea of channels, the Favorites feature provides a convenient way to personalize your viewing experience. To add a channel or category to your Favorites, simply select it and designate it as a favorite, and it will be readily available for your next viewing session. This level of customization ensures that you can effortlessly navigate to your preferred content, enhancing your overall IPTV experience.

3-Day IPTV Free Trial

The ATV IPTV 3-Day Free Trial serves as a valuable opportunity for prospective users to thoroughly assess the IPTV service and its offerings. During this trial period, individuals can explore the extensive range of live sports, movies, and streaming content available on the platform. They can gauge the quality, variety, and user-friendliness of ATV IPTV’s services, making it easier to decide if it aligns with their entertainment preferences. ATV Plus trial also allows users to experience features like the Electronic Program Guide (EPG), Catch-Up, and recording to evaluate the platform’s functionality and reliability. Overall, the free trial empowers users to make an informed choice regarding whether to subscribe to ATV IPTV’s paid plans, ensuring it meets their specific needs and expectations.

Stability and Reliability

ATV IPTV prioritizes stability and reliability, offering uninterrupted streaming without buffering or freezing, provided you have a stable internet connection. This ad-free streaming environment ensures an uninterrupted viewing experience, free from unwanted distractions.

In addition to a seamless streaming experience, ATV IPTV provides exceptional customer service with 24/7 support. Ordering a subscription is straightforward, with instant code delivery, ensuring you can start enjoying their service without delays. When it comes to stability, reliability, and top-notch support, ATV IPTV is a standout choice in the IPTV landscape.

ATV IPTV Compatible Devices

ATV IPTV is an Android-based IPTV subscription service that provides a customized official Android app for accessing the ATV IPTV service. The ATV app is only compatible with Android devices, including:

  • Android TVs, Android boxes, Android phones, Android tablets
  • Amazon Fire TV/Stick/Cube
  • Nvidia Shield TV/Pro
  • Formuler Box
  • Xiao Mi Box
  • And More…

How to Get Started with ATV IPTV

Now, let’s experience the best ATV streaming through the IPTV free trial:

Step 1: Registration

Start by visiting the official ATV IPTV website ( and proceed to the registration page. Complete the required information to set up your account.

Step 2: IPTV Free Trial Request

Following your registration, navigate to the “Take a Free Trial” page on the website. Click “Add to Cart,” then proceed to the checkout. Fill in the necessary details and submit your request. Afterward, expect to receive an email containing the IPTV activation code.

Step 3: Activation and Access

Depending on your chosen free trial option, download the appropriate APK (either ATV APK or ATV Plus Apk) on your device, whether it’s a Firestick, Android phone, smart TV, or Android Box. Enter the provided code to activate your free trial. Once activated, you’ll gain access to a wide range of content, including exclusive channels, sports networks, and on-demand programs.

ATVIPTV Subscription plan

ATV IPTV offers a range of subscription options, primarily divided into ATV, ATV Plus, and the Family Package. The channel content across all plans remains consistent. The differentiating factors here are the scope of features provided by each plan, including varying capabilities for Catch Up and IPTV recording. Both ATV and ATV Plus offer a 3-day IPTV free trial, allowing users to thoroughly explore their offerings before making any commitments. It’s worth noting that the ATV Family Package not only saves costs for households but also enriches the overall family entertainment experience.

IPTV Subscription planATV PriceATV Plus Price
3 Days$0$0
1 Month$19.99$32.99
3 Months$49.99$79.99
6 Months$79.99$129.99
12 Months$139.99$199.99
ATV Family PackageContentPrice
family Package1#1x Plus 12 Months+1x Sub 12 Months+2 Connection$284.98
family Package2#1x Plus 12 Months+2x Sub 12 Months+3 Connection$369.97
family Package3#1x Plus 12 Months+3x Sub 12 Months+4 Connection$449.96
family Package4#1x Standard 12 Months+1x Sub 12 Months+2 Connection$229.95


  • If you already have an Xtrix TV or Xtrix TV Plus subscription, the sub-device subscription will save you $50- $110 to connect a second device.
  • Enjoy a complimentary 3-day trial accessible to all users, completely devoid of credit card payment obligations. However, do note that access to select coveted sports channels mandates a subscription to fully unlock their offerings.


ATV IPTV offers viewers a seamless and comprehensive experience that merges live sports, movies, and streaming into a single platform. Whether you’re a sports aficionado, a movie buff, or a streaming enthusiast, ATV IPTV caters to your diverse entertainment needs. With its extensive content selection, user-friendly interface, advanced features, and unparalleled stability, ATV IPTV promises an entertainment journey like no other. Bid farewell to traditional cable bills and embrace the future of entertainment with ATV IPTV.

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