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Vastu consultant in Kolkata shares some important precautions that is needed for attached toilet!

While doing vastu evaluation for any modern home vastu consultant in Kolkata finds at least 2 toilets in it. One common washroom that is present near the living area and one attached toilet inside the master bedroom. 

While they are both toilets and meant for carrying out the same purpose, their vastu needs are not same entirely. You see on one hand, a common washroom is an independent unit in the home; but on the other hand, the attached toilet share common space with the bedroom and any defect in it can negatively affect the bedroom vastu as well. So, does it mean that making an attached toilet in forbidden in vastu?

Thankfully, vastu consultant in Kolkata says against it. As long as you adhere to some basic vastu guidelines for it, there is no need to worried about any extra negativity of the attached toilet. Expert vastuvid presents this blog to help you out in this regard.

Ideally master bedroom is meant for the husband and wife in the family and having an attached bathroom offers them privacy and convenience; while the common washroom is more suited for the children or elders in the family. Besides, when guests or neighbours come over for any gathering, it is best to let them use the common washroom. 

However, it is crucial to follow certain vastu tips regarding the attached toilet so maintain separate boundaries for it. You need to refer to the following guidelines for it.

What precautions must you take for attached toilet vastu?

Expert vastuvid lists the following guidelines for you to follow in your attached toilet. You need to apply them all religiously to get its intended benefits. 

  1. Position the toilet in the right zone- the first and foremost factor for toilet vastu, you must place the toilet in the right zone as per the guidance of vastu consultant in Kolkata. There are 3 zones in vastu that are considered ideal for it. These are east of south east (zone of churning), south of south west (zone of disposal) and west of north west (zone of depression). All these zones are considered very unsuitable for sleeping, so carefully plan the bedroom and toilet in such a way that the bed lies in the nearby positive zone, whereas the toilet (especially the commode or Indian toilet) lies in the positive zone. 

In case the toilet is placed in a non vastu compliant zone, then you need to apply its suitable remedy as soon as possible to negate the side effects associated with them. 

  1. Keep the toilet door shut at all times- of course we all keep the toilet door closed while using it, but it is crucial that you do so even before and after using it. In several households we find that people keep the bathroom door open in attempt to dry the floor of the bathroom. But this is not recommended by vastuvid. Instead, you should install other means of ventilation like an exhaust fan or window for this. Keeping the door shut help to confine the negative energy within the bathroom area, without contaminating the vastu of the sleeping space.  
  1. Place a bowl of vastu salt- take a bowl and fill it up with vastu salt and place it in a corner of the toilet. This will soak up the negativity of the toilet and thus cleanse it properly. Make sure that you change the vastu salt after every 7 days so that it keeps doing its intended function, reminds vastu consultant in Kolkata.
  1. Use a good air freshener- having bad smell in toilet is considered extremely inauspicious. Thus, it is crucial that you fix this problem without any delay. Even if you are flushing the toilet properly, sometimes still bad smell persists because of various factors. Using a good air freshener is the easiest way of doing this. Select from a wide range of options that are available out there in the market. You can even use an automatic air freshener for better result. 
  1. Keep a snake plant- indoor plants are great for any vastu. But when it comes to choose for toilet interiors you need to pick the ones that can withstand the humid environment of it. Thankfully, snake plant and money plants are good option for it. Keep a snake or money plant in a corner of the toilet and let it do its magic. This will neutralize the toxic environment of the toilet and it will generate positive vibes in it. Don’t forget to remove the dead and dried leaves from the plant from time to time, reminds vastu consultant in Kolkata
  1. Deep clean the toilet- keeping the toilet clean is needed not just for hygiene purpose but also for the vastu needs. Dirt accumulated in it can not only invite diseases, but it can also act as a magnet to attract negative vibes in the toilet. For this cleaning the floor and the toilet system are not enough, you must deep clean the bathroom interiors as well. It includes cleaning even the corners, tiles, door etc and remove the dust and spider webs etc from the ceiling of the toilet as well. You should do it at least once a month for best result. 

Ideally these tips are considered suitable for all toilets in the vastu, but you must not skip any of these especially if you are dealing with an attached toilet in the home. After all it stays confined within the boundaries of master bedroom only.  

By adhering to the vastu guidelines as mentioned above, you can make sure that no negative energy of the toilet can hamper the overall prosperity of the bedroom vastu.  

If you are interested in seeking a complete vastu for your toilet, whether it is an attached toilet or common toilet; you should rely on the expertise of Vaastu Mangaal. We have the best vastu consultant in Kolkata for all your vastu needs. ‘

Visit our website to book an appointment online. Description- In this blog vastu consultant in Kolkata reveals what special tips that you must exercise for an attached toilet in your home.

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