What are CBD Edibles

CBD Edibles cover a wide range of edibles from CBD Oil products to CBD Gummies. Wellness and Well-being are some of the top priority elements in life and a fast-paced environment, we can eliminate the factor of stress and sleepless nights. To prevent overstressing and improve stress management, many online stores have  now introduced CBD edibles to its customers. These CBD edibles can help you improve sleep cycles as well as relieve stress on a busy day. It should be consumed in a recommended way as prescribed by a healthcare official or a doctor. CBD edibles do not pose any harm to the human body but they should be consumed with caution as they can elevate you or make you feel “high”.

Types of CBD Edibles:

Following are a few types of CBD Edibles introduced by the company

  1. CBD Gummies
  2. CBD Capsules
  3. Full Spectrum + THC Edibles

CBD Gummies are chewable candies like gummy bears which are sweet (may vary in taste according to different flavours) and help relieve stress and chronic pain. CBD Gummies are available in several different flavours and do not hurt health in any way. However, if anyone consumes these CBD gummies in a high potency ratio, he/she may feel a bit dizzy or elevated in feel as it can be a bit hard for newcomers to these consumables. CBD Gummies can help you have a better sleep cycle. First, identify the purpose of consumption and then consume these tasty CBD Gummies as per your need.

Overall, it is very important to have adequate well-being and a good sleep cycle to function perfectly in the day. If you are working in a high-paced and high-stress environment then these CBD edibles are your perfect need to be consumed.

CBD Capsules are no less than CBD Gummies. These are the same but may not offer you a flavoured taste. These CBD capsules are more of a Grab and Capsules in the product line. CBD Capsules are soft gel-like capsules which have three main ingredients; Full Spectrum CBD, coconut-derived MCT oil and gelatin which is commonly used to make capsules. We have two kinds of CBD capsules which are CBD + CBG morning and CBD + CBN night capsules. 

These two capsules work distinguishably like the morning capsules will help your metabolism active and keep you energetic throughout the day while the night capsules will help you have a good night’s sleep while controlling the stress and anxiety that you might have.

Full Spectrum + CBD Edibles includes Delta – 9 THC line of products. These edibles are a little, unlike other edibles that we have discussed because other edibles have Cannabinoids while this one has Tetrahydrocannabinol. It contains terpenes and flavonoids of cannabis hemp up to the legal limit set by Federal Law (0.3% dry weight). 

The full spectrum CBD + Delta – 9 THC gives you a full-fledged joyful experience of hemp-derived wellness and relaxation effects. Our edible Delta – 9 products are further subdivided into 3 subcategories (Magic Melon Sativa Gummies, Berry Sativa Gummies and Lemon Dream Indica Gummies).

How to consume CBD Edibles:

BE it the gummies or capsules, you can simply eat or swallow as per your wish. Edibles are absorbed into digestive systems and start to kick in a matter of minutes helping you have a stress-free mental state and even you can feel boosted up. Typically, it can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours delayed reaction depending upon the behavior ability of the body and other factors such as height, weight and metabolism.

Why Choose Our Products:

The quality of CBD edibles can not be compromised as they directly interact with the metabolic systems of the human body. Therefore, www.cbd.co does not compromise in the making of these edibles. 

CBD is extracted from organic hemp and it is purified for any impurities like pesticides or other soil contamination for your health safety. Also, CBD is extracted with the help of clean CO2 and we make sure no chemical residual is left behind the compound since we have a zero-tolerance policy for our quality control. CBD companies also provide a Certificate of Analysis and you can always find ours on our website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How are edibles different from CBD oil?

CBD oil does not have to pass through the digestive system and it dissolves in the bloodstream, This means it can have a quick reaction rather than a delayed reaction like edibles have. CBD oils can have a reaction kick in as soon as 60 seconds.

How long does it take for edible CBD to kick in?

We have to account for various factors like weight, height and metabolism of the human body to determine the time to kick in. Usually, it takes 30 minutes to 2 hours to kick in. It takes a delayed reaction because CBD edibles have to be digested by the digestive system. So better metabolic reaction means early kick-in and elevated feel.

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